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Small Businesses Are the HEART of America!

David Allen Capital provides business owners Short Term (6-24 months) loans, click PRE-QUALIFY above , then the Orange Get Started button to be pre-approved today! Simple and fast online submission form. Do it now to take advantage of our great rates, also for the pre-qualify your credit report is NOT pulled! Get the funds you need, usually within 3-5 business days.

We provide the most value for Small Business Capital in the industry. If your business qualifies you will be rewarded with one of the easiest short term business loans in the industry. And yet, when a small business needs additional capital…

Banks aren’t lending.
Funds are restricted.
Loans take forever.
Qualifying is hard.

YouMight Not Qualify for an SBA Loan, Some Probable Reasons Why

Bad or No Credit: 

Strict credit requirements can cause problems for newer business or young applicants as startups with no business credit history will have to depend solely on the credit of the owner. But if the business owner is a young entrepreneur, their credit history may not be good enough to merit a loan.

Too Little Collateral: 

Almost ALL lenders aren’t willing to risk default on the loan they let your business borrow without a promise of reimbursement. A business could use almost any tangible asset for collateral, including both your business and your personal assets. Also depreciation of your collateral can also affect your risk. Even new stock/inventory can be a problem if it is not fully paid for.

Too Much Debt: 

If your business already has too much debt, from other loans, lines of credit, or something else most lenders will probably not lend to you. Debt to income needs to be LESS than 35%.

A Bad Business Plan: 

No bank will would take a risk on a business that hasn’t planned its approach and strategy. Business plans need to be specific and are NOT researched are not likely to be approved for a loan.

Not Enough Cash Flow: 

Banks won’t offer a loan to a company with serious cash flow problems. If a  business isn’t making money, lenders consider it too be too much of a risk. Even if a business does have good cash flow, it doesn’t guarantee that a bank will give them a small business loan, most of the time it comes down to how old and established the company is.

Problems of Getting Small Business Capital from All Banks

What most people don’t understand is that a bank doesn’t care about your ideas or even your business on deciding whether or not to give your business a loan. What they do care about is the collateral. You must have enough to cover the money they lend to you. So if you expect to get a loan from a bank then you better plan on having enough collateral to back it up.Your credit history could also be a problem. Banks will not even accept your business loan application unless you have a personal and/or business credit score of at least 700.

Merchant Cash Advance – Any Cash Advance

The ROI is just CRAZY, if it can not be paid back within a month the interest will kill your business!


We saw a big problemso we created a Simple and Fast Business Capital solution. David Allen Capital (DAC) now offers small business loans. If your business needs capital, we offer REAL business loans

Simple and Fast Business CapitalDavid
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with an APPROVAL DECISION in 1 business dayand FUNDING in as fast as 3 business days. David Allen Capital lenders have loaned more than $11.5 BILLION to thousands of small businesses, just like yours!!

 At David Allen Capital our lenders like to say YES! 

+  TRUE BUSINESS LOAN – not a merchant cash advance
+  Loans ranging from $10,000 – $500,000 or more
+  No collateral, short-term loans (terms 6 – 24 months)
+  Fixed weekly, or daily debit payments means no worry about a large end of the month payment

Requirements To Be Pre-Approved for Simple and Fast Small Business Capital


+ 4+ months in business (1 year preferred)
+  $10K per month, or more, annual revenues
+  4 months bank statements
+  Owners Credit score of 500 plus

Let us help You with the funding that your business needs to thrive and Prosper!

We are Fast at what we do, AR-SmallBusinessLoan for your 1 day pre-approval.

David Allen Capital is here to help you in ALL your endeavors, and be as successful as possible.

I am an Independent Loan Originator for David Allen Capital (DAC). Going through our simple and quick pre-qualification process will get you and your business on the right track for a small business loan. Once approved for your small business loan and you are funded David Allen Capital is certain with your good business sense you and your business will prosper. Being a small business owner for over 30 years I know this to be true. Because of our transparency and easy process I hope to earn your business, and and continue to be your source for your funding needs. 

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